Physician Services

Independent Review Board Development and Compliance


Physician Credentialing

Maintain Registry of Clinical Database

Data Collection & State Mandated Reporting

Clinical Database

Database will collect data for the purposes of:


Compliance with Texas law with no added work required by providers to be compliant


Professional publications


Constant monitoring for optimal       safety and efficacy



On-line education in fundamentals of regenerative therapy

In-person training of physician in proper technique of cell delivery

In-person training in product storage pre and post procedure and handling

Regenerative Care Network

Regenerative Care Network, (RCN) provides all of the essential services for qualified physicians to provide regenerative cell therapy treatments for select conditions. These services are all measures required by the Texas stem cell law (“Charlie’s Law”) such as Institutional Review Board approval for each treatment offered, data collection and reporting to the Texas Medical Board. RCN also selects cell manufacturers that are in compliance with FDA manufacturing standards and have current scientific evidence for safety and efficacy.  RCN  negotiates volume-based pricing and constantly monitors for newer and better regenerative cell products. Other services include physician and patient education, marketing materials for Network physicians, and malpractice carrier assistance.   

Regenerative Care Network Benefits


Our leadership stays up to date on the most effective therapies.

Patient Data

Patient safety is our number one priority.  All cases are closely monitored by experts.


Regenerative Care Network will provide all the resources to make sure physicians are compliant with Texas Law.

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