Physician Services

Patient Selection & Exclusion Criteria


 In accordance with the IRB, RCN will carefully monitor patient selection and will be available to resolve questions. RCN will immediately apprise providers when new indications and contraindications arise.

Maintain Registry Clinical Database

Database will track outcomes of primary diseases and comorbidities, patient reported outcomes, provide constant monitoring for optimal safety and efficacy and be maintained as required by the Texas Law.

Data Collection & State Mandated Reporting

Registry data will be posted (annually) as required by Texas law, with no added work required by providers to be compliant

National Marketing & Referral System

Physician Education & Updates

Patient Education

Compliance and Safety

IRB Development and Compliance                


As required by Texas law, and as an integral part of providing the best and safest regenerative treatments for patients, Regenerative Care Network will work closely with federally-approved Institutional Review Boards on behalf of our physicians.  


Physician Credentialing


Board certified in appropriate specialty for treatment and licensed in the State of Texas


Physician & Staff Training


Training in the following areas: fundamentals of regenerative therapy, Human research (NIH) training/certification, proper technique of cell delivery, product storage and handling, patient pre/post-procedure instructions and informed consent process

MSC Manufacturer Selection


Manufacturer must meet very high standards including:  FDA GMP standards with audits, review published and unpublished product data and reputation among peers.

Negotiate Cell Purchase Price


Volume-based purchasing will assure providers the lowest possible price

Malpractice Coverage Assistance 

Most physicians administering regenerative therapy are not covered by their malpractice insurance and don't even know it. Enrollment in an IRB provides grounds to obtain a rider for coverage.